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One-Man Band Performs TETRIS And STAR WARS Themes

One-Man Band Performs TETRIS And STAR WARS Themes

The greatest musical act to come from Sweden since ABBA and The Cardigans has been spotted performing on Swedish streets, and he’s absolutely incredible.

One-man band street performer, Anders Flanderz, uses a musical Swiss army knife in the guise of a backpack and a cymbal atop a crash helmet to bring to life epic renditions of classic tunes. The backpack is fitted with what looks to be a kick bass, trumpet, accordion, microphone, symbols, a mini keyboard, and bicycle horns all held together with mass amounts of duct tape. Who needs Ikea when you can make anything using duct tape?

Take a look at the musical monstrosity in action below as he performs the iconic Tetris and Star Wars themes:

Tetris Theme

 Star Wars Theme

The best part of the videos is that he’s genuinely having fun, and the onlookers are either amazed or are in disbelief that such a contraption can play such melodious tunes. Plus he has a pretty sweet hairdo that I’m pretty sure is somehow part of the backpack.

If you just can’t get enough, as an added bonus he does a rad rendition of Europe’s The Final Countdown. Try listening to that without bobbing your head.

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HT: Geekologie