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One Guy Does Incredible Impressions of the Men of GAME OF THRONES

One Guy Does Incredible Impressions of the Men of GAME OF THRONES

Sunday night television just isn’t the same without Game of Thrones. We’re getting our fix wherever we can, and today that means watching Steve Love do impressions of the men of Westeros and beyond. The YouTuber has tackled Game of Thrones voices before and done extremely well, but he knocks it out of the park in his latest video.

Love impersonates 15 men from the series including Jon Snow, Ser Alliser Thorne, Samwell Tarly, Littlefinger, Roose Bolton, Tyrion Lannister, and Oberyn Martell (yes, there is a Princess Bride reference). He manages to capture each character’s tone, inflection, and accent with perfection. And he doesn’t just mimic lines from the series; Love comes up with hilarious original bits for each person. The fact that he can apply the voices to fresh material shows he really has a grasp on how each person sounds. If you close your eyes while you watch the video, it’s easy to picture the actors talking.

The impressions include some colorful language so you might want to put your headphones in while you watch the video:

Now I want him to attempt doing impressions of all the women in the series. I bet he could do a mean Cersei Lannister.

He doesn’t just stick to Game of Thrones. Love’s YouTube channel includes impressions of real people like United States presidents and NFL players as well as more fictional characters from series such as The Wire and Breaking Bad. It’s easy to get sucked into watching one video after another. I hope this guy pursues a career in voice acting; he already has several video reels to include with his resume.

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  1. Txela says:

    He is so guy and really really funny

  2. Danielle says:


  3. Holy crap, that guy was freaking amazing!!