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One Day. One Song. One Band… Thirteen Skulls?

I try to avoid repeating music news from Pitchfork, Spin and other music blogs; There doesn’t seem to be much of a point to it. If you want music headlines, go to said websites. BUT there are exceptions to every rule. Today, for example, The Flaming Lips announced the upcoming release of their “24 Hour Song,” which will be placed on hard drives, encased in 13 skulls — yes, skulls — and then sold for $5,000 USD.

If you don’t have 5 grand lying around the house, it’s currently streaming for exactly 24 hours on THIS website. So, HURRY UP and give it a listen!

Below you can listen to TFL’s 6 hour song from last month:

[soundcloud url=””]

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  1. Brennivin says:

    @Rob – I assume the 13 skulls/hdds is 13 copies of the recording they have for sale. Not per recording.

  2. Markimark says:

    I don’t mind there stuff but I personally find this to be a whole lot of audio going nowhere. It would be more impressive if they actually rocked out for 24 hrs and released that, the drums are looped and it’s just a shit load of static feedback with the odd instrument coming in. I was quite sad by this. In no way is this ever worth $5000, come on. The audio engineer deserves that money, or his family since I assume he’d have to go fucking crazy to go through the process of editing this. Oh, I think I heard the first progression in the song, nice it only took 53:00 mins. I dunno, I hate to be cynical but this is nothing to jive about. Good for background music though.

  3. Rob says:

    13 HDDs? Why? I don’t think you need terabytes of space to store a 24 hour song in FLAC.

  4. Jason says:

    As much as I love these guys… I just don’t have the time.