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The Real World: WhiterunThe Real World: Whiterun

Once More With Feeling in “The Real World: Whiterun”

It’s the season finale for the Nerdist Channel’s The Real World: Whiterun, and it’s time for some last drama, mostly involving relationships of one sort or another. But there’s time for everyone to have a laugh at The Nooch’s expense, and he… doesn’t take it well. Emotions are indeed running high. And there’s punching, which brings the cops out, and which leads to trouble for The Nooch, even when he isn’t trying to cause trouble.

This episode is brought to you by the Whiterun Water Festival. Splash Mountain has nothing on this.

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  1. ShadowDW says:

    FYI: Bad Link. Goes to a Cops: Skyrim Episode … albeit a good one. :)

  2. Quinn says:

    Baha my first first video! Super funny n I was gonna cry if there wasn’t an arrow to the knee reference… and that seems like it really really could be a red vs blue type thing if ya wanted the money. But I claim this as my idea and apparently its not possible to delete shit on here anymore