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On Making “Pan’s Labyrinth” Into A Stage Musical

Pan’s Labyrinth, the stage musical.

I’ll let you roll that around in your head for a few minutes.

And now, I’ll throw in some more to consider: Paul Williams — yes, THE Paul Williams — is writing the lyrics, with Oscar-winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla writing the music. del Toro is writing — has written, according to the scoop over at — the book with Jeremy Ungar. They say del Toro has been working on this for four years, and, well, think about it. It has all the fantasy elements, it’s already a sort of dark fairy tale, and the man himself wrote the book himself, so… why not?

Maybe because not everything NEEDS to be set to music. And because not everyone is a musical fan. Or maybe you think the original didn’t need to be redone in any medium. And the idea of singing, dancing Fascists kinda offsets singing, dancing mystical creatures. Or does it? Is this going to be The Lion King or Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark? What other classic genre movies would make good musicals? Comments, please.