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Oh Man: Admiral Cain is Heading to ORPHAN BLACK This Week — Watch a Clip Right Now!

Oh Man: Admiral Cain is Heading to ORPHAN BLACK This Week — Watch a Clip Right Now!

I don’t know if you can hear me over the dull roar of fandoms colliding, but: Battlestar Galactica‘s Michelle Forbes is heading to the sestrahood like no other better known as Orphan Black. Admiral Cain, you guys! Admiral Cain is Rachel Duncan (and, by the looks of it) and Aldous Leekie’s ominous boss. And her cold, cold attitude and demeanor might just be an insight into why Rachel’s equally as frigid.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we get to witness this new character’s first entrance into the clone club: with Leekie breaking the unfortunate (for them) news that Ethan Duncan, Rachel’s father and one of the heads of the implantation team that started this whole mess, is alive and relatively well. Turns out Marian Bowles (Forbes) doesn’t take too kindly to the notion of the man’s continued existence.

And, uh oh, the whole thing might cause a bit of a mess for Rachel, whom Leekie believes is getting too personally invested to make adequate decisions on the matter. To which Bowles threatens, “If Rachel’s become too entangled, we have to step in.” DUN DUN DUN-slash-oh-gosh, are we going to have to start caring and worrying about Rachel now, too? Things can in no way, shape, or form possibly get better — or less entangled — from here.

Now all this time I thought Rachel Duncan was the coldest of the cold. Turns out? Marian Bowles totally has her beat. I guess without a mother figure in her life she took after the closer female figure to her: her boss. Creepy!

So: do we think we should be more excited or scared at the introduction of Ms. Bowles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and make sure to check back here on Saturday night for our recap after the episode. We’ve already seen the episode and can confirm: you’re going to want to talk about it. HOOOO BOY WILL YOU EVER.