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Official 22 JUMP STREET Red-Band Trailer

Official 22 JUMP STREET Red-Band Trailer

Pause what you’re doing, folks, Jenko and Schmidt are back in 22 Jump Street — the follow up to the buddy cop action comedy 21 Jump Street just got its first trailer (red-band) today, and it’s looking like business as usual for our lively duo.

This time, the boys are taking their talents away from the high school scene and into the wonderful world of college. Expect to see most of the main cast from the first movie back for the second run, including a certain fellow who was left without his manhood at the conclusion of the first movie. But I’ve already said enough, so feel free to proceed down below and have a look at what the Jump Street crew has in store for us this time around:


  1. T_ says:

    Can something be so bad it is actually funny? WTFK but I laughed…good enough for me.

  2. 60Hz says:

    I think i just spit-upped in my mouth…