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Occupy NBC Sings To Save “Community”

Fans of Community showed up at NBC’s 30 Rock headquarters in New York today to “Occupy NBC” and sing a rousing rendition of that old holiday favorite “O Christmas Troy.” It’s something on which the 99% and the 1% can agree — Six Seasons and a Movie. And you just gotta love all the “darkest timeline” goatees.

HT: Dan Harmon


  1. crikt310 says:

    @ChadH yes!! I totally agree! Right now that’s all I will watch. I support the few watchable shows they have, believing that any second they might cancel them and put on more shows like …….Whitney. And if/when they do that, that will be it for me and NBC.

  2. Lawdog says:

    Ironic that the Save Community flash mob was in impromptu Glee Club.

  3. Joshi says:

    And with “bad universe” goatees as well… awesome

  4. Chad H says:

    If Community doesn’t return I will have lost all faith in NBC, which is still broken from the Conan thing. I only watch NBC for Office, Parks and 30 Rock.

  5. Isabela says:

    Community fans never fail to amaze me with their awesomeness! :)