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Obama Requests “No Spoilers” for House of Cards Season 2

Obama Requests “No Spoilers” for House of Cards Season 2

Even the leader of the free world is afraid of dummies ruining his binge watching. Mr. Prez released a tweet yesterday warding off spoilers for the second season of NetFlix’s House of Cards. Since all HOC episodes are released at once, one could easily crush the entire season in a day and then crash the party for those of us with jobs – including the president.

The world has long known that number 44 is fan of the show. At a White House meeting in December, Obama spoke with NetFlix CEO Reed Hastings, saying “I’m just wondering if you brought advance copies of House Of Cards?”. Hastings jokingly offered Obama a cameo in response.

At the same meeting, Obama jokingly said that he “wished things were that ruthlessly efficient” in the actual White House. Despite the advantages of House of Cards‘ political efficiency, I think we can all be glad that problematic congressmen aren’t (SPOILER REDACTED).

Check out the trailer for House of Cards Season 2 below.

In other HOC news, NetFlix execs recently confirmed that the show will be renewed for a third season as well. I think we can assume from this move that Season 2 won’t disappoint.

Any predictions for Frank Underwood’s meddling in Season 2? or Season 3 for that matter? Will we see any new developments in Frank and Claire’s shockingly functional marriage? How many visits to Freddie’s BBQ Joint can we expect over these next 13 episodes?

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