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Nyan Cat Meets Rebecca Black, Sort Of

Say, did you want to hear the Nyan Cat theme and a medley of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and “My Moment” played on the piano at the same time? Well, you’re GOING TO HEAR IT ANYWAY:

That’s Lara, aka lara6683 on YouTube, doing the honors; you might know her as the one who makes videos of herself playing video game music in costume on violin and piano. And, no, you’re not imagining things, she made it not as gratingly awful as you imagined it would be. That’s not easy to pull off.

HT: BuzzFeed


  1. It is so obvious from the videos, which of the two pieces are the most challenging. In the Friday-version it looks like she isn’t even trying, and it still comes out right…

  2. rd_4d2 says:

    If anyone hasn’t heard her game of thrones theme it’s pretty awesome too.

  3. David says:

    holy hell that sounded phenomenal!

  4. Ethan says:

    She made two of the most annoying memes and made them… awesome sounding.