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Number 46: MATT SMITH
Episode 46: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Number 46: MATT SMITH

THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR!!! Anyone who follows anything I do probably has heard my numerous blabbings about how much I love Doctor Who. After one such blabbing on the tweetstream, I was contacted by Devin Johnson at the BBC who graciously offered to help get Matt on the podcast if at all possible. AND SO IT CAME TO PASS. I would like to smother Devin, Matt Stein and the BBC with an absurd pile of thanks.

Matt Smith loves chess, Alan Partridge and cookies. Every charming character trait you see in the Eleventh Doctor is all Matt. It was an extreme pleasure hanging out with him, and we look forward to some sweet Doctor on Dickens action for the Doctor Who Xmas special on December 25th, 9p ET on BBC America.

Joining me this episode were fellow Whovians Matt Mira and Janet Varney.


  1. Xyon81 says:

    Haha that talking dinosaurs request from Matt Smith – then you see Capaldis first episode. What a shame he missed out.

  2. art says:

    It’s the Doctor and Korra!!!

    Fandom unite!