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Now Troll This: YouTube BritPop Parody

Now Troll This: YouTube BritPop Parody

Nerdist Alliance all stars Screen Team are back with another parody – but this time, they’re taking aim at YouTube trolls, and they mean business.

“YouTube Troll Song” is an impressively grungy rendition of Blur’s “Song 2,” which you should recognize even if you weren’t an angsty teen in the ’90s, as it’s featured both on Rock Band and in between periods at every hockey game ever.

We may never get rid of the e-plague that is YouTube trolls, but at least now when we run across them as we watch our skateboarding cat videos and Nerdist News, we can comfort ourselves with the lyrics of Screen Team’s “YouTube Troll Song” and know that we, at least, are fighting the good fight with our “FIRST!”s and thumbs-ups.

Have a particularly good story of a YouTube troll? Let us know in the comments, and maybe Screen Team will sing about it in “YouTube Troll Song 2” (see what I did there?)

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  1. Elijah says:

    hahaha Now that was awesome

  2. bubbbbbbba says:

    This was really cool! Great cover Chad sounds just like Blur!

  3. Mikey O says:

    A parody song of a parody song. Slow clap.