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No Blade Can Pierce This LEGO Smaug

No Blade Can Pierce This LEGO Smaug

Smaug talks a big game. Sure, his teeth are swords, his claws are spears, blah blah blah – he’s one arrogant dragon. You can’t really blame him though. He kicked the dwarfs out of Erebor, ruined Lake-town, and sits inside the Lonely Mountain upon a giant hoard of treasure. All of that would give you an ego. This LEGO Smaug by Shawn Snyder is probably just as full of himself even if he doesn’t have impenetrable scales.

LEGO Smaug 1

Snyder designed Smaug to go with a collaborative build of Lake-town (which I can’t wait to see!). LEGO Smaug is a whopping 28 inches from head to tail and has a wingspan measuring 35 inches. That’s small pet-sized! Rather than destroying Lake-town and its citizens, Smaug will be suspended above the LEGO village with fishing line so he can fly over and survey his domain.

It appears as if the design was based on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug rather than the books since the dragon doesn’t have any treasure embedded in his scales. The build is a fantastic recreation of movie Smaug – the black and red make him instantly recognizable. He can take some battle damage too; Snyder designed the scales so that any one of them can be removed. Someone needs to pass this valuable information along to Bilbo and the dwarfs!

Behold all the bricktastic details of the majestic Smaug:

Would you venture into the Lonely Mountain to take on this beast? Share your thoughts on this LEGO project in the comments.


  1. Sean Forbes says:

    The Lake Town build by ArchLUG was on display (sans Smaug sadly) at Emerald City Comicon, and Malik even came by to check out the entire display.

  2. wiredwizard says:

    =ponders= I could have fun staging a battle diorama of him vs. some of my minifigs lead by my 3 wizards: Gandalf, Harry Potter & Harry Dresden (of course mounted on his zombie T-Rex).