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Nintendo Unveils Princess Peach-Themed Wii Remotes Plus

Nintendo Unveils Princess Peach-Themed Wii Remotes Plus

See it? It’s the pink one right there in the middle. Yeah, that one.

With Super Smash Bros. on the way later this year, you might be thinking of picking up more Wii Remotes. Well, instead of getting one of the standard black ones, Nintendo’s hoping you’ll shell out $40 for ones themed around Mario, Luigi, and now, Princess Peach.

The new controller will also include the standard Motion Plus functionality (should you need it). At this point, though, I’m wondering when Nintendo will launch a line of themed Gamepads based on some of their characters and franchises (The Legend of Zelda got one, but since the console’s launch, they’ve been pretty shy about putting new, fancy accessories out there).

Princess Peach’s Wii Remote will be available in late April.