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Nine Clips From “Game of Thrones”

Here’s a nice tease for HBO’s premiere of Game of Thrones this Sunday. Some clips from the debut episode have hit the Internet through Winter is Coming. While they last, just click those play buttons if you can’t wait until Sunday for your Game of Thrones fix. It’s chock full of dragons, Lannisters, and politics.

And three clips from Episode 12, the second of the new season:

HT: Winter is Coming


  1. Reginald_Charming says:

    I REALLY want to watch these but there’s so many I might as well be watching the episode

  2. billlwoo says:

    how could anyone not like this show.

  3. To sum up this show: Sex in the middle ages.

    Be sure to check out HBO’s other show: Sex with Vampires.