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NIGHT IN THE WOODS: A Hidden Gem on the E3 Show Floor

NIGHT IN THE WOODS: A Hidden Gem on the E3 Show Floor

Hiding out in the corner of the gigantic PlayStation booth at E3 was an interesting side scrolling title with an abstract art style by the name of Night In The Woods. Some may remember this game from its successful Kickstarter campaign that ended back in November of last year, and now its making its next-gen console debut by way of the PS4.

The game is best described as a very unique take on Don’t Starve‘s adventure/exploration play style. It’s amply story focused, packed full of extracurricular activities, and flat-out adorable. If you haven’t heard of Night In The Woods, let’s get you up to speed on one of the hidden gems of this year’s E3 with its debut trailer.

That’s one of the things you have to love about self-publishing– it gives indie developers the opportunity to bring their games to next-gen platforms and opens up an entirely new world of options for gamers to explore. Night In The Woods is set to hit the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2015, so make sure to stay tuned to our coverage of the game leading up to its release.


  1. garion333 says:

    Don’t Starve is a very strange comparison to make. I would honestly like to know why you went with it.