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Nickelodeon’s SANJAY and CRAIG Renewed for a Third Season

Hey fans of nerd overlord Chris Hardwick, fans of cartoons, and fans of good television, we have some very cool news for you, and we’re not even going to bury the lead: according to Variety, Nickelodeon has renewed fan favorite Sanjay and Craig for a 20-episode third season. Yes, that’s right, this is happening before the second season has even aired, and if services like Netflix have taught us anything, that’s usually a very good sign.

From a ratings perspective, the renewal makes complete sense as the series is one of Nickelodeon’s highest rated programs, second only to SpongeBob, in addition to having airings on networks in 120 countries. “We really believe in the property, are very happy with the results. Jim and Jay and executive producers Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi and the whole crew are wonderfully creative, very smart and really professional and we all get along so well. Put all that together and you get your next season renewal,” said Rich Magallanes, Nickelodeon’s SVP, animation.

As for why the show has become such a success for the network, co-creator Jim Dirschberger stated “I think it plays off a time when as a kid you’re experiencing weird emotional stuff, like the love story with Megan, but an hour later you’re throwing things on the road with your friends to watch cars run them over. We try to honor the emotional range of kids at that age.”

Sanjay and Craig returns in July on Nickelodeon.

Are you guys pumped to see a new season? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Laura Newman says:

    My boys and I love Sanjay and Craig, and I love all the references that they don’t get.  I still need to know who Remington Tufflips is.  My guess is Chris D’elia.  Also I’d say the romance is between Sanjay and Belle Pepper as Megan has clearly been friendzoned.  Yes, I’m way too involved in this supposedly kids’ show.

  2. Natazshil says:

    I do like Sanjay and Craig, and I’m glad it got picked up for another season. It reminds me of some of the cartoons from the 90’s (although this time I actually get some of the references hah).