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Next Year, Baby: PACEY-CON.

So in a previous blog where I vented a bit about Comic-Con scheduling presenting soul-crushing nerd conflicts, I mentioned how I’d be missing the Fringe panel on Saturday if I ended up in Hall H. I don’t regret the Hall H decision – though I lost a ton of sleep I made a day out of it for work, most of the panels were superb, and hey… almost-eyewitness to the incident! (Jeez louise, brotha…)

Still bummed to have missed the Fringe action, but now… y’know, it’s kind of okay. Because THIS makes up for it. Bless you into little, tiny kibbles and bits, Joshua Jackson:

Hell yes. PACEY-CON 2011, biznatches! I’m there.


  1. Walternate version: Dawson-Con! Truly VanderBeekian

  2. You just gotta love Joshua Jackson.

  3. Marie says:

    I refer to his character on Fringe as Pacey…example: Ugh Pacey and Olivia need to get it on already!!

  4. Julie says:

    I would so go to Pacey-Con!