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Next On “The Nerdist”: Joe Manganiello, Morena Baccarin, Paul F. Tompkins

Next time on BBC America’s The Nerdist?

True Blood and Magic Mike‘s Joe Manganiello.

Homeland and Firefly‘s Morena Baccarin.

The Pod F. Tompkast and Thrilling Adventure Hour‘s Paul F. Tompkins.

NerdistEp8gameJoe and Morena play “Obscure Comic Book Character, German Restaurant, or Dinosaur?” John Barrowman tours Meltdown Comics. Tompkins talks about working at a particular hat store past which I walked countless times, never suspecting that the man behind the counter would become THE Paul F. Tompkins. A good time is had by all… including you, if you watch it Saturday night, 10/9c, BBC America.

Hey, you’re probably wondering, what about the weekly autographed BBC DVD contest that BBC America does every week? My, you’re demanding. Okay, here’s what you do: click here and, in the comments on that page (NOT HERE! THERE!), answer this: “What’s your favorite werewolf movie and why?” (I’d say Steel Magnolias, just because.) Again, go here and enter to win. You have until Saturday, May 18 at 11 pm ET, so get going.

And then, watch The Nerdist, Saturday night, 10/9c, after Doctor Who and Orphan Black on BBC America (and, in Canada, Sunday at 7/6c/4p on Space).