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Next for BioWare: 4v1 Combat in Action-RPG SHADOW REALMS

Next for BioWare: 4v1 Combat in Action-RPG SHADOW REALMS

Hey, who’s up for a four-player co-op PC action RPG where you and your friends team up to kill a monster? That’s the premise of Shadow Realms, currently under development at BioWare Austin and announced this morning at Gamescom, and it seems like a MadLibs of most things I’m interested in in games.

Shadow Realms puts you in the role of one of four modern-day heroes on Earth, whose magical abilities have been awakened, according to the press release from publisher EA. And it’s good that your character has all of these snazzy new powers, because they’ll have to fight the enemies of the Shadow Legions of the Embra, personified by a playable Shadowlord (which is the “1” in the game’s 4v1).

In its broadest strokes, Shadow Realms sounds like another game that we’ve been showing a lot of love toward lately, Turtle Rock’s Evolve. However, instead of a narrative-free class-based shooter, BioWare is building their game as a customizable RPG with episodic story content (and this is where my interest is really piqued). EA is promising that the larger narrative for the game will play out across the episodes of Shadow Realms (they didn’t specify how many episodes there would be or what the duration of a “season” would look like). Since it’s BioWare, I’m also wondering to what extent player choice will factor into the narrative.

The announcement wasn’t accompanied by a release window for Shadow Realms, but if you’re interested in participating in the closed alpha, BioWare has launched a sign-up page for Origin members.