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New York Has a DOCTOR WHO-Themed Restaurant Called The Pandorica

New York Has a DOCTOR WHO-Themed Restaurant Called The Pandorica

The Pandorica has recently opened, but you don’t have to worry. This one didn’t bring countless aliens to the planet or involve Rory the Roman. This Pandorica serves food. The name of the new restaurant in Beacon, New York, isn’t coincidentally the same as the prison in Doctor Who, it’s part of a whole theme. A beautiful Doctor Who theme.

doctor who restaurant 1

Redditor jacquelinesarah visited The Pandorica, which opened at the end of July, and found Vincent van Gogh’s exploding TARDIS, a TARDIS bathroom, and scores of other small odes to the Doctor. She thought the name was happenstance until she noticed a TARDIS mural, and she couldn’t resist: “Of course, I then ran in and started talking to the owner (dressed head to toe in TARDIS blue). She took me around the entire restaurant pointing out every tiny detail, from the sunflowers on the tables to the “fish fingers” (aka french toast sticks) and custard on the dessert menu.” Further touches such as a crack in the wall are coming.

Besides fish fingers and custard, the menu boasts mini corn dogs called K-9s, bangers called Big Bang, and Madame Pompodour Sponge Cake. Yum.

doctor who restaurant 7

I’m head over heels for this concept. I can’t resist a good theme and would certainly consider the hour and a half trek up to Beacon from New York City because Doctor Who! However, I can’t help but wonder if this will ruffle the BBC’s feathers. Brooklyn has a bar with a TARDIS bathroom – The Waystation – but that’s not quite the same as naming a place after an object that appeared in the series. I can only hope they got everything approved or that the BBC doesn’t care because it would be a pity to see the restaurant have to change its name.

Want to make the timey-wimey to try it out yourself? Get the restaurant’s hours and address at Facebook.

[HT: The Mary Sue, images via Imgur]

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  1. Frank says:

    DON’T WAST YOUR TIME AT THIS PLACE. I was there yesterday sat. 1/25/15 cool place good food BUT the service was TERRIBLE we had a 6:00 res. for 8 people got there at 5:50 to find there was only 2 other party’s there. When we told them  we had a res. for 6:00 we could see they were stressed and even herd the waitress mutter sh*t.  There was one big table with a reserved tag on it but there was 1 of the 2 party’s at it. They put 2 round tables together that only sat 4 by them self so we squashed and that was OK.but when the food came out we got 6 but were missing 2 we asked and they said they were coming and they were short staffed. now remember  still only 2 other party’s and us and the other party was eating desert at this time.And also we did not get silver ware even after we asked so we got up and got it ourselves. Finally we get the last 2 meals 15 min. later and they were a sandwich (3-5 make) and potato pancakes (3 min. in fryer). so when I asked why it took so long the manager or owner(not sure what they were) yelled at me saying I was early and they were short staffed there was only 3 of them BUT they had 3 tables the whole time I was there 1 table of 8 people, 1 table of 4 people and my table of 8 people. If that’s to many  people they are in the wrong business.

  2. Jack RaMMYz says:

    It’s 2 min from my house. It’s nicely decorated but it’s more like a cafe then a full resturant. Everytime I’ve been there the waitresses and owner aren’t very enthusiastic about the place. However the rest of Beacon, especially main st. Is incredible, with better food. Go to this place for a quick bite to eat on your way down main st. I suggest brothers pizzeria, Isamu, or Suki Thai for larger meals. 

  3. theTruth says:

    New Orleans needs to step up!

  4. Judith says:

    Don’t bother.  The doors are locked, the staff is rude, and they run out of food.

  5. Bob says:

    How do you miss the chance here to use the amazing headline The Pandorica Opens. It’s nerd gold

  6. K-9 says:

    If you’re in the New Orleans area, check out the full sized TARDIS entrance to the Crown & Anchor pub in the Algiers Point neighborhood. Here’s a photo.

  7. John W. says:

    I live in the area, and spoke with the owner the weekend before it opened.|
    1) It *was* a completely different restaurant, with 2 co-owners.  One retired.  The remaining owner, who grew up in the UK, decided to do something fun.|
    2) The nods to Doctor Who are just that:  *nods*.  It was never her intention to create a “Doctor Who Themed restaurant.”  She wanted to do something that would give a wink-and-nod to her fellow fans.|
    3) They haven’t changed the old awning yet.  They were planning to finish off the changes *gradually*. |
    4) The owner was hoping to *gradually* have *one* night once a month or couple of weeks for her fellow-Whovians.|
    She was *not* expecting this chaos and was *definitely* *not* expecting to go viral.|
    Wait a few months for things to calm down before you even plan to go.

    • Matt says:

      I live within 45 minutes. Good to know, thank you.

    • jj says:

      I live in Beacon and I’ve checked it out when it was really slow. There is only one chef, the owner, who also plays hostess and bartender, so expect very slow service. Especially because the waitresses seem to be teens at their first job. The menu is pretty standard, not bad but nothing exciting. I’m sure if it gets busy they’ll hire another cook and better staff, but I agree, don’t go for a while yet

  8. Brendan McG says:

    Friends of mine went to this restaurant recently. They waited over an hour and we’re not served, they walked out, others did too. They also said the “theme” is very minimal. The place has a small paper sign hanging underneath their real sign, the whole change is very recent and is starting to feel disingenuous. 

  9. Commenter says:

    I wonder if they gave the artist/company any credit  for the artwork:

  10. Philllip says:

    Wot no jelly babies on the menu?!?!?!

  11. Rick says:

    Fair warning, when they say “NEW YORK HAS A DOCTOR WHO-THEMED RESTAURANT” they’re not talking about New York City. I made that mistake.

    Here’s the address if you don’t want to go to FB: 165 Main St, Beacon, New York

    • Kristin says:

      Oh….. wow…. I feel like such a NYC-centric snob now…. I automatically assumed they meant NYC til I saw this comment!!! There is a whole entire gigantic state that outside the 5 boroughs lest we forget! I got so excited about this and feel much more disappointed now! I guess a road trip may be in order!

      • Ann says:

        Beacon is only about an hour from NYC.  There are lots of restaurants, galleries, shops and the Dia Museum….worth a trip!!!

  12. Fish fingers are NOT French toast..

    • Douxdel says:

      Yeah, but it all honestly, real fish fingers with custard is disgusting (and yes, this is coming from someone who has tried it).

      • Amber says:

        Actually not all custards are the same. It’s possible to make fish fingers with a savory custard and it’s delicious. I had a friend who did it once for a Doctor Who party. Meanwhile I made cookies that were disguised to look like fish fingers and vanilla custard for dipping. That way sweet and savory were both covered. 

      • Robert says:

        Actually, it was quite interesting. I would not go out of my way to make it, or order it elsewhere, but I had to try it, and I was happy I did. 🙂 

    • Robert says:

      That is the dessert. They have an actual Fish Fingers and Custard as an appetizer.

  13. Mike says:

    One mustn’t forget the TARDIS Room in Portland