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New York Comic Convinces L.A. Celebs to Let Him Sleep Over

Slumber parties are one of the fun parts of childhood where you get to stay up late, talk all night and twirl your hair. Or if you’re me, play video games and watch horror movies you have no business watching that scar you for life (Child’s Play, anyone?). As we get older, the only kind of sleepovers people seem to care about are ones that involve sex. But what if you had a chance to recapture the giddy spirit of an old-fashioned slumber party, but instead of hanging with your friends, you sleep at a celebrity’s house?

Comedian Mark Malkoff decided to do exactly that on a recent trip to Los Angeles. He wanted to have some fun and save money at the same time, and figured a slumber party with a celebrity would be way better than staying at a hotel. He contacted several celebrities through various social media channels and shockingly got many to say yes. Kate Walsh, Rob Corddry, Justine Bateman and many more invited Malkoff into their homes, where he documented it all. They say the best way to get what you want is to simply ask for it. Malkoff illustrates this perfectly, even if he comes off a little needy.

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