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New Trailer For “Drew: The Man Behind The Poster”

If you don’t know who Drew Struzan is, you probably still have seen his work, and you probably love one of his pieces.  Drew Struzan created the movie posters for some of the most iconic movies over the last 30 years.  This documentary has been in the works for years, and at a Comic-Con panel this past weekend it was announced that the film is complete.  Drew sure has some heavy hitters complimenting his work in this film, and he certainly lives up to the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

You can check out some of Drew’s work over on his site,

via [slashfilm]


  1. Leonard Sultana says:

    One of my life highlights is getting a signed Struzan print, from the man himself, at the Hard Rock at Comic-Con last year – the poster was Cowboys And Aliens, the man sat next to him was Jon Favreau and Jon seemed a little put out when I said, “Sorry. I admire your work and can’t wait to see your film but this is the man I came to see. Drew, you need to come out of retirement. Badly! The state of movie promotion in 2011 is an embarrassment; what you can bring to the plate is demonstrated by this fantastic work of art. Sir, it’s an honour to meet you!”. Well worth getting ant-spyglassed into the San Diego sidewalk for!

  2. JetpackBlues says:

    I have always loved Drew’s work and am definitely interested in seeing this film. Makes me wish I still made art.

  3. Ben Z says:

    Screw the statement, “He’s one of the greatest poster artists of our time.” I had no idea those were freaking hand painted. He’s one of the greatest artists PERIOD!

  4. Dammit I wish I was as good a artist as him. Movie posters (and books in general)should go back to painted and illustrated images.

  5. Aj McKeon says:

    Was that the Gute??????