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New TNT Time Travel Series From THE BLACKLIST’s Joe Carnahan

New TNT Time Travel Series From THE BLACKLIST’s Joe Carnahan

Ah, time travel… our old friend and sometimes cruel mistress. You send us doctors, Vancouver cops and sometimes even Bruce Willis. When you’re involved, time travel, you never disappoint, so how can we not be excited for your next outing? Thanks to TNT, Joe Carnahan and Source Code producer Mark Gordon, a new time travel series is now being developed for the basic cable network.

At TNT’s upfront presentation, the network revealed its new drama, Fix-It Men. Carnahan will co-write the pilot episode with John Glenn (Eagle Eye) and direct. According to the official synopsis, Fix-It Men follows “a team that’s sent back in time from 2027 to 2014 to disrupt a series of events that will lead to a cataclysmic war in the future – but something goes wrong, trapping them in 2014 Manhattan. Cut off from their time and their families, the team must try to complete their unprecedented, high-stakes mission without any help from the future.” The series seems a bit like Continuum in core concept — a time traveler gets trapped in the past with no way of getting back to their present — but this one sounds way more high stakes.

Carnahan has been on a roll in recent months when it comes to the small screen. Most recently he helped launch the biggest hit of last season – The Blacklist,  his newest pilot, State of Affairs, was ordered to series, and Paramount Television commissioned a series adaptation of his cult classic, Narc, which the director has described as a show inspired by True Detective’s 10-episode anthology format. Not to mention Carnahan’s unreleased feature film, Stretch. It is unconfirmed if the man ever sleeps.

Fix-It Men will fit perfectly with TNT’s latest stint of high concept series like Falling Skies and the upcoming Last Ship, so this is a good call on their part.

Are you excited for the latest Carnahan series? Let us know below.