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New “The Hangover Part III” Trailer: More Wolfpack, More Chow, More

hangoveriiichow2013The new trailer for The Hangover Part III came out today, and it explains a lot more of the plot, sort of, involving the Wolfpack, Mr. Chow on the run from John Goodman, Doug in danger, a trip to Tijuana, and Melissa McCarthy. We’ve seen a few of the shots already (the giraffe gets it on the 405 again), but there’s new footage, so the question remains: are you in? Whether you liked Part II or not, are you going to see this one on May 24th? You know what to do in the comments.

Oh, right, obligatory disclaimer that it’s a Legendary Pictures production and Nerdist Industries is owned by Legendary. But we’re editorially independent.

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  1. Joxua says:

    I am super excited to see John Goodman in this.

  2. michaelalexkawa says:

    Looks awesome to me .I enjoyed part 2 ,don’t know why others didn’t .Glad to see my hometown of Vegas again .

  3. Chris says:

    You know, I saw the first one by chance opening weekend before all the hoopla surrounding it and I really enjoyed it. Going back and re-watching it recently, I loved it. I never saw Part 2, for starters it didn’t interest me, but secondly, I couldn’t find a single soul who thought it was necessary. When Part 3 was announced I was somewhat curious to see where they might go with it, but the first trailer left a lot to be desired and I surmised, like I had after Due Date failed, that Todd Phillip’s days of “Old School” and “Hangover” wit and charm were behind him. Watching this new trailer, however, is getting me to back-peddle a bit. In fact, I think I’ll be heading out with “The Wolfpack” one more time, come May 24th!

  4. RWagner says:

    Part II wasn’t as bad as I’ve heard some people say. I laughed during the movie, which I figured was the point. I’ll probably check this one out matinee or something.