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New SHERLOCK Series 3 Photos

New SHERLOCK Series 3 Photos

A mix of promotional images and screengrabs from the upcoming (and very long-awaited) third series of BBC One and PBS’ Sherlock are here for you today. It was recently announced that Series 3 will premiere on the Beeb on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 with the first of its three feature-length episodes, “The Empty Hearse,” of course alluding to the fact that, despite what seemed like a pretty open and splat case of death, the titular consulting detective is, in fact, alive. But we all knew that already. The series will premiere here in the States on Sunday, January 19th, 2014, on PBS.

As you can see from this impressive array of pictures, all your old favorites will be back, along with some new faces. (SPOILER: Watson apparently found a woman.) Holmes also seems to be embracing the Sherlock Holmes hat he inadvertently made famous in Series 2. That scamp. On top of all these photos, there will also be a Sherlock minisode (or mini-episode) hitting BBC’s Red Button service a week prior to the premiere, or Christmas Day if you’re a smarty pants. It’s supposed to fill in some of the time gap between the end of “The Reichenbach Fall” and “The Empty Hearse,” and its been promised that someone’s not content to believe that Sherlock Holmes is dead. A-doy. Since we over here don’t get Red Button, we’ll have to rely on the YouTubes, and as soon as that puppy’s available, you can bet I’ll be posting here for you all to see.

For now, enjoy the photos and the brand new teaser that suggests people are clamoring for #SherlockLives.


  1. Sandre says:

    So excited about this! Certainly the perfect way to start a new year. Dying to find out how the spectacular Molly Hooper pulled it off!

  2. Misha says:

    Man I wish either they 1) had more episodes per series, or 2) took less time between them. Still, I’m excited to see how he faked his demise at the end of the last one and what new capers he and Watson will engage on. Also, Cumberbach is a funny name to say out loud. Go ahead, try it.