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UCB Presents: Between the ScenesUCB Presents: Between the Scenes

NEW SERIES: UCB Presents – Between the Scenes

What you see in movies is not necessarily all there is to be seen; not by a long shot! But when a movie is only 90-147 minutes long, how is there enough time to truly get the WHOLE story? What did that guy who got choked by Lord Vader in the first Star Wars do to try to repair their working relationship? What was the real cause of all the strife in the shark-attack-prone town of Amity? And if a giant Bane-made hole really opened up in a professional football field, how would the league officially score that touchdown? These are just some of the questions to which we’ll hopefully get answers when the Upright Citizens Brigade unleashes Between the Scenes.

The first of these episodes, which will feature the Stay Puft Marshmallow company trying to repair their public image after the disastrous events in New York City in 1984, will premiere right here and on the Nerdist Channel this Wednesday, June 18th. Prepare to learn all there is to learn about your favorite films.


  1. Kam Miller says:

    Looks promising! Looking forward to them.