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New Red Band Trailer For “The Kings Of Summer”

kingskumailnickthumbThe red band trailer is now available for Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ new movie The Kings of Summer, and if the original green band trailer was funny — and it was, with gales of laughter greeting it when I saw the trailer in a theater this weekend — this one adds to the anticipation with more of everything, especially of Nick Offerman’s ill-tempered, exasperated dad, plus our own Kumail Nanjiani delivers (literally) and there’s another scene with our own Mary Lynn Rajskub on the case.

The film opens in selected markets on May 31st. In a summer of blockbusters, this one should make your short list, too.


  1. Damocles74 says:

    kinda feel like a bait and switch from the other teaser that had Megan Mulany and Alison Brie singing about “Pussy”

  2. Ethan says:

    This film looks like something the workaholics guys would’ve done when they were kids….and that is great.

  3. Aaron says:

    So many swords…

  4. Steve Kaye says:

    I need a claymore.