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New Poster for Horror Flick HONEYMOON Is Stellar

New Poster for Horror Flick HONEYMOON Is Stellar

Hey, did I ever tell you that Magnet Releasing has some of the best theatrical posters in the business? The indie distributor often embraces some of the most artful, weird, and beautiful pieces of promotional material for their often offbeat slate of films.

Case in point: the poster for writer/director Leigh Janiak’s Honeymoon.

The horror film stars Harry Treadaway (Penny Dreadful‘s Dr. Frankenstein) and Rose Leslie (Ygritte from Game of Thrones) as Paul and Bea, a newlywed couple who head to a remote cabin (always a bad idea) for a getaway from civilization. But one night, Paul wakes to find Bea wandering the woods in the middle of the night. As Bea’s behavior starts to become stranger and more erratic, Paul becomes convinced that what came back to the cabin with him that night is not his wife.


Here’s what I love about his poster (that the first poster for the film completely gets wrong): this new image of Rose Leslie is beautiful and kind of mysterious. You can’t quite pinpoint what Honeymoon is about based on this image, you just know that it’ll be something odd and unorthodox.

By contrast, the original image goes overboard, selling Honeymoon as some kind of gnarly creature feature. Even the tagline gives a little too much away, leading some viewers to go into the film expecting more blood and guts than the film ultimately delivers.

You can see the trailer for Honeymoon below:

Honeymoon will be coming to theaters and video on demand September 12 via Magnet Releasing.

[Source: JoBlo]


  1. jacob says:

    Why Magnet chose not to use this artwork for the blu ray release is beyond me. The final artwork they are using is terrible.

  2. Martyn says:

    Does anyone know the artist? 

  3. “You know nothing, Victor Frankenstein.”

  4. “You know nothing, Victor Frankenstein…”

  5. YYJ72 says:

    “Stellar” heheh – I see what you did there.