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New ONCE UPON A TIME Teaser Shows Elsa’s Entrance to Storybrooke

New ONCE UPON A TIME Teaser Shows Elsa’s Entrance to Storybrooke

It’s only a month until we see Elsa from Arendelle make her mark in Once Upon a Time’s Storybrooke. The Queen swept into the small town populated by characters from fairy tales at the end of season three, and though we’ve seen some official photos of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Sven, this is the first video showcasing Georgina Haig in her icy role (she wasn’t cast at the end of last season).

The Hollywood Reporter shared a teaser of Elsa striding into town, and while it doesn’t tease any of the Frozen plot, it’s worth watching. Elsa glides down the main street with chilling effect as the rest of the cast looks on dressed in the garb of their fairy tale personalities. Mr. Gold has his Rumplestiltskin makeup, Regina is in her full Evil Queen attire, and everyone else is dressed to the nines. That’s likely just a fun twist for the teaser, but it does make me wonder if Elsa somehow brings the enchanted realm into Storybrooke. Take a look:

Regina’s, “Here we go again…” reaction is pretty great. I can’t wait to see how Storybrooke is affected by Elsa and how they’ll make her an antagonist without making her a total baddie.

Besides Elsa, we know that Anna, Kristoff, Prince Hans, Pabbie the Troll King, and another character in a mysterious Frozen-related role will join the series. Anna is marrying Kristoff, and whatever the specifics of the Frozen story are, they’ll last through the first 11 episodes.

Season four of Once Upon a Time premieres on Sunday, September 28th.

[HT: The Hollywood Reporter]


  1. Thor says:

    it won’t be bad unless they turn this into a musicale in which only a few shows could do this and it’s mainly comedy Community & Psych