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New Muppet Vid: Bohemian Rhapsody


My awesome pal Jason Bierfield (who was an editor on this project) sent me the link to this brand new Muppet vid. It involves 70 friggin Muppets and RULES in a really hard way.

It makes me very happy to see these guys screwing around again instead of just doing commercial work. Head over to The Muppet Studio on YouTube for oodles of good-time Muppet tomfoolery.

If you’re having a bummer day so far, this should lift you into a cheer cloud.

Me likey.

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  1. И правда креатив…супер!

  2. Rosie says:

    this is so damn awesome. every time i think that the internet is filling up with garbage and it is beginning to stink, something utterly amazing like this happens. who says having to much time is a bad thing.

  3. margaret says:

    I don’t know you, but because you have posted this….I love you!

  4. Melissa says:

    That was super fantastico! And made my fairly good day ever so much more exciting.

    Thanks for sharing… and stumble upon for leading me here… and me for clicking stumble upon. And the internet. And my computer manufacturer.

    ha, web conference.

  5. ARJWright says:

    Absoutely, the funnest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Jim Henson would be very proud. I love it.

  6. Chris Ronk says:

    This is truly awesome. I really needed that.

  7. mPony says:

    My buddy and I were trying to figure out how the Muppets would sing the line “…just killed a man.. put a gun against his head.. (etc)” Oh, NOW I see 🙂

    No wonder this thing got 5-million views in such a hurry.

  8. oh my.. this reminds me of a Bohemian Rhapsody video I saw (with puppets) back in 2002 while I was living in Japan. (were the Japanese finally copied first?) I found it on youtube, enjoy

  9. MidLifeMama says:

    Thank you for this. My son, who is 3, and I sat and watched all of the available clips. FYI we have also just begun watching Back to the Barnyard, and Cooper is infatuated. He asks for it by name. Thank Shazam for On Demand.

  10. alysha says:


  11. Dan Donehey says:

    Such a delightful compendium of Muppet-Madness! Love it completely. Brings back memories of mayhem that soothes the soul and satisfies the yearning for off-beat bliss. Yesssss!

  12. John Nes says:

    I love the way they got through the part in the beginning by just repeating MOMMA … rather than the real verse … Nice job I was wondering how they were going to get through that …

  13. rich says:

    If you’re worried about maintaining the fidelity of the original piece, you’re probably missing the point.

  14. Deltus says:

    The Muppet Show was some of the best tv ever made. This is genius.

  15. MC.Jesus says:

    Am I the only one that thought they butchered it? I found the concept amusing, but they killed the song imo.

  16. todd says:

    thank you chris for sharing this. it made my day

  17. jahn says:

    Bwwuuuaaahahahahaha….FREAKIN AWESOME!! smiled through the whole thing…got a silly smile on my face as blog this…

  18. mella says:

    Bring back Muppet Magazine tooooooooo!!!

  19. Doll says:

    wasn’t in the best of moods but that did perk me right up.

  20. Bec says:

    Yep. I’m in the cheer cloud. That was so wonderful!

  21. christine says:

    Is it me or did Miss Piggy put on a few layers of bacon?

  22. PJ says:

    This video made me break my ass laughing. It really is a tonic for what has been a dreary wet shite of a day.

  23. Seriously, I can’t begin to thank you, or your friend Jason, for this. Wow.

  24. Spaghetti Jesus says:

    Thank you Mama, I mean Chris.

  25. Mary says:

    Doooooooooood. I cannot put into words how happy this makes me. True story!! Thank you for posting!
    I have been on a one-person campaign to try to get #bringbackthemuppets a trending topic lol. (ask @colestratton)
    My dearest wish is that they successfully remake the Muppet Show!! Best. Show. Ever. I’m ushering in two new Muppet-lovers, what could be better?
    John Henson still has the rights, right? Let’s do this thang! Mupp-ow!

  26. For a second there, I was like “Where the frak is Kermit!” Fantastic stuff.

  27. Chris says:

    LOVE it!! thanks for making me smile 🙂

  28. GarethFW says:


  29. Coneybeer says:

    This is made me laugh so hard at the end! Love it and made my morning.

  30. nm says:

    awesome! what a great cover of the song!!!!

  31. that was all kinds of awesome combining my love of Queen and Muppets. THANK YOU! 🙂

  32. rj says:

    I srsly forgot how many muppets there were outside of the crew that was on muppet babies.

  33. Noah Wolfe says:

    I got the chills when Dr. Teeth came in at 3:00 doing his rock n’ roll thang.

    The Muppets didn’t work so well when irony was all the rage. Thank god for New Sincerity.

  34. Nick says:

    OMG love it. They need to bring the Muppet Show back.

  35. Wendy says:

    THE BEST!!!! Thankyou, Thankyou .. @nerdist!

  36. PG says:

    The punchline is awesome. Thanks, Chris!

  37. i think the Swedish chef should have his own show.

  38. Bagels says:

    Oh so awesome. And while there’s no speaking role for Rowlf there’s no one else who could play the piano.

  39. vampiress says:

    <3 beeker this was an awesome start to the day.

  40. Kaileigh says:

    MAMA MAMA AHAHHAHA!!! This did make my day less bummish.