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New MASS EFFECT Details From San Diego Comic-Con

New MASS EFFECT Details From San Diego Comic-Con

It may seem like Bioware is tied down with Dragon Age: Inquisition, but you can rest assured that they’re still thinking ahead to the future of the Mass Effect franchise. Last weekend at SDCC, I had the pleasure of joining the studios’ Mike Gamble, Carl Boulay, and Noel Lukasewich for an afternoon of exclusive Mass Effect reveals, where some new details about the next Mass Effect game were unveiled for Comic-Con attendees.

During the Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect panel, we got our first look at the pending male and female getups for the next installment, as well as a glimpse at the new Mako. As Gamble mentions before pulling the curtain back on these reveals, all of these prototypes are subject to change.

Mike Gamble made it clear that the next Mass Effect will be a spiritual successor to the trilogy, though the armor shown during the panel does suggest that there will be an N7 connection of some sort in the game. The studio is still “years from being able to say that this is the exact game that we’re making,” according to Gamble, and all that we can confirm at this time is that Shepard will not be the star in this upcoming installment. I guess they’ll be keeping the juicy stuff close to heart for the time being.

Moving forward to later this month, Bioware is set to make an announcement about their recent cryptic video releases during Gamescom. Let’s hope that they have a detail or two more to keep starving Mass Effect fans’ cravings satisfied.

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