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New Fully Sick Rapper Vid!

You may remember Fully Sick Rapper from the phenomenal Quarantine Song that I posted a month ago. Essentially, this Australian dude has been medically imprisoned in a hospital for over 100 days due to Multi-Drug Resistant TB and to keep from going insane he’s been making web videos–web videos that I love because they are hilarious.

This morning I was pleased to see that I received an email from him. I don’t know this chap, but Power o’ the Internet and so forth…

His email went exactly like this:

It has now been 102 days that I’ve been here in the hospital all up, isolated with a case of Multi-Drug Resistant TB. I am here under a strict regiment of 6 different antibiotics, and a couple of other medications to help with the side effects of those. Over this time I have been lucky enough to have access to a computer with music and video production capability!!! So far I have really enjoyed making videos and connecting with people around the world through the internet, as it’s been a great way for me to keep my mind off all the treatment, and make me feel as if I’m actually achieving something in here, rather than wasting the time away staring at the walls!….. For this most recent music video, I really wanted to do something that was out of control – so I enlisted the help of my brother. He is only able to come in for short visits here and there, for which he has to get masked up and wear protective gloves, but it was enough for us to be able to go silly with his digital handycam.

In many countries of the world, people with Multi-Drug Resistant TB would be lucky to even receive medical attention whatsoever, so I am very privileged to be receiving the medical care that I am getting here in Australia. Even above and beyond the care, I am lucky in the sense that I have access to modern entertainment, which has kept me sane over the last 102 days. Part of this has been the DVDs that I have watched along the way. This new Youtube video is a Tribute to some of the DVDs that I’ve watched to kill my time here in quarantine, and to make it a bit “Hollywood” my brother and I have used ANY AND EVERY special effect that we could to make this a truely epic RAPsody…

  • The song was written, recorded and mixed in the hospital on a Macbook Pro using Logic Express
  • All filming was done on a regular digital handycam in the hospital during brief visits to my room
  • For all of the special effects, my brother and I improvised by hanging a green sheet on the wall in my hospital room
  • All editing and finishing was done on a Macbook Pro using Final Cut

Please see his other WONDERFUL vids at and follow the “House”-like nature of his medical drama on Facebook.

I’m checking with him to see if he needs anything for us to send. DVDs (region 4, I believe) or “suck it TB” cards…I dunno. In any event, I am constantly impressed by this guy’s commitment to constructive use of a crappy situation an on top of that, he’s even thankful!

Take note, all of you!