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New DISHONORED 2 Gameplay Trailer is a Mesmerizing Display of Stealth

One of the best things about video game series like Dishonored, Metal Gear Solid, and Deus Ex (among others in the genre), is the option to get from point A to point B without being detected. While the whole “no violence” thing is cool, it’s the process itself that’s often the most fascinating. In the first Dishonored game, for instance, players were granted clever abilities like “Blink” (nifty word for teleportation), and several ways to neutralize targets, instead of resorting to assassination. As a reward, the summation of your choices to take the low chaos route resulted in the “good ending.” The sequel, Dishonored 2–which is due out November 11–is no different.

With Emily Kaldwin thrown into the mix as a new playable character, we’ll get to harness even more abilities. We got a taste of those during the game’s lengthy spotlight during Bethesda’s E3 press conference, but the latest gameplay trailer gives us a closer look at how they work in a mission. Check it out above!

Here are some of the abilities that were touched on, as well as a description of how they work:

Mesmerize: “Summon a void spirit to enthrall humans or hounds.”

Dark Vision: “Observe enemies through walls.”

Domino: “Link Targets so they share the same fate.”

Shadow Walk: “Assume a stealthier form.”

Rewire Tool: “Tamper with security.”

Despite seeing it before, the Shadow Walk ability still gives me the creeps. I can’t wait to use it for myself to sneak past enemies. It makes for a nice alternative to the often finicky Blink ability. Mesmerize is also pretty entertaining. In the Clockwork Mansion mission, Emily used it to distract two of the NPCs. The result? The duo stared at it dumb-founded, giving the protagonist the opportunity to walk on by.

Just for a frame of reference, here’s the high chaos approach to the same mission:

That’s just a taste of some of the things players will be able to do.

Are you excited to dive into Dishonored 2? Let us know in the comments, join the conversation on Facebook, or start one with me on Twitter: @Samantha_Sofka!

Image: Bethesda

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