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New Details For Disney’s FROZEN Sing-Along

New Details For Disney’s FROZEN Sing-Along

With massive critical acclaim, over $800 million at the world-wide box office and the #2 spot on our best films of 2013 list, there’s no denying Disney’s Frozen is the breakout animated hit of not only the winter, but of 2013. Recently, news came out that Disney was prepping a sing-along version of the film for theatrical release this year, and now, the details on that release have been announced.

According to Disney, starting January 31st, more than 2000 screens will feature the new version of the animated hit and current front-runner for best animated feature at this year’s academy awards. Pre-sale tickets are now on sale through Fandango and

When it comes to creative new ways to make money off successful properties, Disney sure did think out of the box on this one. A sing-along Frozen is going to be a huge hit with both kids, as well as adults who just want to see the movie again. Now if only we could get that sing-along version of The Rescuers Down Under off the ground…


  1. mobber says:

    Liked the movie, usually like Disney musicals, but I felt the music was the worst part of the movie. It was like it was trying to appeal to the ‘Glee’ crowd. The lyrics were simple, cheezy, & low brow.