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New Bad Veins Album Released – Get A Track For Free

Our friends Bad Veins, that very excellent band from Cincinnati in whose video for the song “Dancing on TV” one Chris Hardwick appeared (you remember that, right? Here’s the original post), have released the album on which that song appears, “The Mess We’ve Made”; it came out yesterday, and you can buy the download from iTunes here and from Amazon (click here first, then search for Bad Veins), and you can go old school by buying the physical CD from Amazon (click here first, then search for Bad Veins). (No word on vinyl yet, if you want to go old old school)

But Ben from the band wants you to grab the song “Dancing on TV” for free, and he’s passed along a link to me so you can do just that. Go here and “Dancing on TV” is yours. Just like that. JUST BECAUSE THEY LOVE YOU. It’s free. Plus, it’s a great song. And free.


  1. Dr.J says:

    Love this album!

  2. bd47 says:

    great album cover!