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Neutralize Threats with Registration Symbols!

Does your building have a graffiti problem? Of course it does!  Well, rather than painting over it every couple of days, why not try neutralizing it by adding registration symbols to it. Turn this…

…into this!

No cause for alarm here!  It’s completely Harmlessified™!

By simply adding ™ or ®, you can quickly turn any scary subversive street scribble into something that’ll have visitors thinking, “Fantastic!  There’s apparently another energy drink I need to try!  I don’t feel threatened in any way!”

Just look at these Success-o-pics™:

And it doesn’t stop there!  Considering getting your badass tattoo removed so that you don’t stand-out at your new job at the daycare?  Well, before you do, think about this:  Why remove the whole tattoo when you can just remove its soul? Blandify™ it, like this…

or this…

Remember:  there’s no image so tough that it can’t be Tamed-&-Lamed™ by branding it as officially registered.

*NOTE: if you’re the guy pictured in either of those tattoo pictures and you’re thinking about killing me, before you do, know that I found them by googling the phrase “badass tattoo”.

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