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Netflix’s Newest Series Will Be Animated Comedy BOJACK HORSEMAN

Netflix’s Newest Series Will Be Animated Comedy BOJACK HORSEMAN

With House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black faring quite well for Netflix, the online content provider is venturing into new territory with their first non-family oriented animated series, Bojack Horseman.

The character Bojack Horseman, as you might guess, is a horse past his prime after years of sitcom fame on, as you might guess again, a show called Horsin’ Around. The series follows his life as a fading TV star (as well as the fact that he’s, well, a talking horse) paired with other random talking animals standing upright on two legs. Normal human beings are thrown into the wonderfully bizarre mix too. Will Arnett voices Bojack, which is kind of perfect, since Horseman and G.O.B. Bluth seem like kindred spirits.

If that’s not enough to get you hooked, Amy Sedaris, Aaron Paul, and Alison Brie also voice characters in Bojack Horseman. Sedaris plays Bluth’s agent who happens to be a cat, and Paul and Brie play actual humans. Based off the premise and cast, this sounds like a whole bunch of absurdist fun.

Bojack comes from the mind of Raphael Bob-Waksberg, who you might know as one of the writers from indie comedy The Exquisite Corpse Project. The concept of a talking bipedal horse that has seen better days seems less out of a left-field if you’re familiar with Exquisite Corpse. That movie followed Bob-Waksberg and four other writers trying to write a comedy together only having read the last five pages before their section and seeing what they could come up with.

Netflix is rolling out Bojack Horseman on August 22nd. Until then, you can enjoy the series trailer.