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Netflix Returns to the Park With a TRAILER PARK BOYS Season 8 Trailer

Netflix Returns to the Park With a TRAILER PARK BOYS Season 8 Trailer

I came to Trailer Park Boys kind of late. Mike Clattenberg’s series about a trio of dimwits getting into trouble (and love, and drunk) in their Nova Scotia trailer park home didn’t really grab me until the release of the first movie, 2009’s Countdown to Liquor Day.

Well, after a few years off the air – the last time new episodes were being broadcast was in 2007 – Netflix is exclusively bringing the show back next week for an eighth. And they’ve got a trailer and everything to prove it. Caution: saucy language and hairy man-belly.

The new series looks like a slight chance at a reboot/reintroduction, with Bubbles (Mike Smith), Julian (John Paul Tremblay), and Ricky (Rob Wells) looking to sleaze their way into some new get-rich-quick schemes while never ever putting down their drinks. Patrick Roach is also back as Randy for the new 10-episode series and it looks… about like what previous seasons have looked like (except in HD, I guess, so there’s that).

Trailer Park Boys is one of those smart-dumb shows which finds clever ways to plug its characters into truly idiotic and unforgivable circumstances. What makes it work is that Julian and Ricky generally don’t mean any harm – they’re just lazy and a little too shortsighted for their own good.

Meanwhile, series creator Clattenberg has been working with Boondocks creator Aaron MacGruder, directing episodes of the new series Black Jesus.

The streaming service (I called it a “network” in an earlier draft) also released the first poster for the series featuring all three of the boys. The new season premieres Friday, September 5 on Netflix.



  1. whata waste says:

    Man that interviewer sucked. I felt like he wasted their time and our time.

  2. Garett says:

    Yeah their first movie came out before the show started. 1999. Then there was another one in 2008, and Countdown to Liquor Day was their 3rd movie in 2009.

    • MickeyMacD says:

      ONe in 1999, 2006, 2009, 2014. You said 2008. It was 2006(The Big Dirty -The first movie belonging to the series). Say Good Night To The Bad Guys TV movie was 2008

  3. i gotta wait two more god damn days?! what the hell?!

  4. BigDirty37 says:

    countdown to liquor day is not their first movie.Do your homework!

  5. Carrie says:

    Rednecks are not always from the south.

  6. Will watch to till butt is numb