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NERDSWAG: Free Digital Transformers Comic from Comixology

NERDSWAG: Free Digital Transformers Comic from Comixology

2012 was a good year for Transformers fans. The impressive animated series Transformers Prime is giving us the best version of the Robots in Disguise since the Generation One cartoon, a kick ass motion coaster ride was installed at Universal Studios, and we got a very well-done game in Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron. We can be thankful that there was no Michael Bay Transformers movie this year to throw a wrench in the works. To top it all off, the IDW Transformer comics are telling some insanely good Transformers stories. From the recently released Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots that sets up our favorite prehistoric punching machines in the Prime ‘verse, to Robots in Disguise, in which Bumblebee is rebuilding Cybertron and running the government, to More Than Meets the Eye, the book that follows Rodimus and his team as they journey through the galaxy looking for lost Cybertronians, there’s a lot to like in Transformers comics right now.

AppTransformerWe like the Transformers comics so much right now that when we decided to partner with Comixology to give our readers a Christmas present, we knew which series we were going to pick from. So with that, you can now redeem the code #FALLOFCYBERTRON at Comixology to get a free copy of Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron #1. The comic ties into the events of High Moon’s Fall of Cybertron game that came out a few months ago. And that’s not all of the holiday surprises: We’re also giving away five pairs of movie ticket codes from Fandango over at Nerdist News. Treat yourself and a friend to a movie, or regift them and make up for the fact that you still haven’t done your Christmas shopping.

So this holiday season do yourself a favor, get your free comic from us and Comixology, rent or buy Transformers Prime on Blu-ray or DVD, and enjoy the best civil war ever. The code is #FALLOFCYBERTRON and can be redeemed at Comixology until Friday the 21st at 8 am Pacific.