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Nerdstalgia: The ’90s, Revisited in a Microsoft Ad

Microsoft is trying to get the message out that Internet Explorer’s changed and isn’t the same browser it used to be, and let me just say here that I use a Mac so I don’t have any stake in using IE because I can’t, not in OS X, anyway. But the campaign to sell you on maybe ditching Firefox or Chrome to come back to IE includes this video:


And that’s a cavalcade of memories for those of you who grew up in the ’90s: the snap bracelets, the modems, the floppy disks, fanny packs, Oregon Trail, Tamagotchis, cassettes, Reebox pumps, chain wallets, pogs… seems like yesterday and a century ago at the same time.

But you can say that about any era. I didn’t grow up in the ’90s — obviously, I remember them, just not from a kid’s perspective — but I could rattle off the same kind of things from the era in which I came of age. (No, I won’t say when that was. But “a century ago” seems more accurate every day) So I’ll leave it to those of you who remember the decade not, as I do, as a blur of jobs and bills and hospitals and moves around the country but as the good old days to decide whether Microsoft nailed it or not. What defines the ’90s for you? Tell us in the comments.

HT: Elie Ayrouth of FoodBeast