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Nerdsourcing Challenge: Design Jim Gaffigan’s Next Poster!

Are you a spunky graphic designer who enjoys top notch comedy? We’re doing a little contest over on the Nerdist creation network, The Node (still in beta). First prize is two tix to ANY Jim Gaffigan concert PLUS a special meet & greet with the Pale Man himself!

The details are over on the Node, where the contest is currently taking place until Nov. 3rd. Not a member? Sign up here:

Once you’re in,  here’s the contest link. Art it up, Arty!

UPDATE: Just so people don’t think that we’re trying to take advantage of the Good Will of our artist community, Jim is throwing in a $500 cash prize on it for the winner. NOW GET IN THERE!!!

Enter THE ADVENTURE ZONE with a New Graphic Novel Series (Exclusive)

Enter THE ADVENTURE ZONE with a New Graphic Novel Series (Exclusive)

New STAR WARS Rumor! Is This Why We’re Not Getting an Obi-Wan Spinoff?

New STAR WARS Rumor! Is This Why We’re Not Getting an Obi-Wan Spinoff?

Watch Jennifer Aniston Confront

Watch Jennifer Aniston Confront "Rachel from FRIENDS" on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE



  1. Disillusioned & Disappointed says:

    Since Twitter limits me to 140 char:

    Chris, this is in no way “harassment”. I have made you aware of the law, and I am simply insisting that you (and Jim) abide by it. If you refuse to listen to reason, I am hoping that perhaps Jim will be more reasonable. US laws are not optional simply because you are a celebrity. Please be aware that you have now admitted *in writing* that you have been made aware of the law, but that you intend to choose to ignore it and continue with your little “contest” anyhow. I will be contacting the proper authorities. Also, sorry I got personal on the Node, but you started it, what with telling me who I am, what I can and cannot get upset at and talk about, and calling me “adorable”, which I found most uncalled for. Again, I am trying to resolve this peaceably WITHOUT getting the law involved, but I cannot morally sit back and watch you violate the law, especially since you think that you are right somehow and have shown every intent to keep on breaking the law in this manner, holding these “contests” for more of your celebrity friends to produce even more real work that will be used. Please, keep the “contests” to truly fun things that no one benefits from financially, like the “Takei Photoshop Contest”, and stay away from unethical choices that produce real work. Also, please abide by US and California contest laws when you hold future contests, and pay for your commercially viable work just like all us regular little people do. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

  2. scrufy 1 says:

    Nerd Rage! Lmao