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Nerds and Geeks Unite!

For the small percentage of you who read Entertainment Business literature, you may have already heard the following news:

Nerdist Industries is partnering with Geek Chic Daily

Here’s the full press release, if you’re an “Official Statement” fetishist who demands full release. Now, what does this mean in practical terms? Basically that Peter Levin, founder of Geek Chic Daily, will take over the business-y parts of the growing Nerdist tentacles. I will get an infrastructure to take care of all of the stuff I hate doing like trying to raise money and manage every damn thing. I just want to make stuff. Managerial work tends to stunt the creative process so I hereby declare my release from its knobby grasp!

When Peter and I first starting meeting last year, we not only hit it off swimmingly as pals, but also quickly realized that our businesses complemented each other to an almost molecular degree. GCD is a daily email newsletter that fits snugly in the center of the content that Nerdist creates on all of its platforms. Peter is a super-smart business guy and I was a Philosophy major. Peter calls himself a Geek, I fall in the Nerd camp but it is good to cross the streams in this sense! He happens to be a real-deal geek who loves video games, comics and all of the stuff we jointly care about in the world. I would never partner with someone I thought was inauthentic or just wanted to exploit our culture. He’s a good dude who “gets it”. I had subscribed to the Geek Chic email newsletter before I met Peter and always loved the combination of quality geeksphere news with a strong, snarky voice. Additionally, GCD’s board is muy impressivo. From the press release:

GeekChicDaily’s investors and partners include Legendary Pictures, Joe Roth, Peter Guber, Bob Pittman, Seattle venture capitalist Mike Slade, Machinima CEO Allen DeBevoise and Japanese media juggernaut Yoshimoto Kogyo. Advisors and board members include former Daily Candy CEO Pete Sheinbaum, Pilot Group managing partner Andy Russell, Thrillist CEO and co-founder Ben Lerer, Broadway Video CEO Jack Sullivan, ex-Legendary and Activision executive Kathy Vrabeck and former Shine Reveille managing director Howard T. Owens.

If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s smart people. To be able to call these humans “partners” is pretty neato from where I’m sitting (which incidentally is in an unfinished office above a comic book store). I’m currently working on a Vulcan-type face-touching move that will allow me to siphon their collective wisdom, but until that happens it pleases me to know that I can simply ask them questions to learn things. Knowledge is the best currency, as far as I’m concerned, and you should always endeavor to seek it out from those who are smarter and wiser. Also, it will be fun to now have the resources to smite the careers of all of those who have wronged me in this business. (I kid! I kid! (sort of))

Here are some exciting (to me) changes that will be coming soon:
1) SITE RE-DESIGN! (I’ve been working with the Chrisses–my web designer & dev guy are both named Chris–to transition out of blog format, which I’m tired of looking at)
3) A PAID STABLE OF BLOGGERS! (I’ve been wanting this for a while)
4) NERDIST PODCAST NETWORK! (already in progress)
5) NERDIST TV! (nerd-themed television and web video content)
…And much much more!

Look, “Evil Empire” is an ugly term. I think of it more as a “Hug-pire”. I will hug the Entertainment Business really, really hard. The voice of the Nerdist won’t change–it will grow. This baby is still mine and Peter and his cadre of awesome Brain Senators will allow me to more fully expand across all platforms. It will afford me the opportunity to plant many Nerd flags across the landscape of traditional and new media, on which a surprising number of executives still puzzlingly consider Nerd culture “too niche”. Together, we will make those people look like wieners. I therefore celebrate this inter-racial marriage of Nerds and Geeks and hope that you, too, will join us in our continuing battle to topple the mouth-breathers with Nerdy/Geeky goodness!!!

I less than three you with a side of smiley emoticon,
Chris Effing Hardwick