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Episode 54: Nerdist Writers Panel
Breaking Bad Season Five in …
Nerdist Writers PanelNerdist Writers Panel

Nerdist Writers Panel #54: Breaking Bad Season Five in Review

Breaking Bad season five in review! Showrunner/creator Vince Gilligan and writers Peter Gould, Sam Catlin, George Mastras, Gennifer Hutchison, Thomas Schnauz, Moira Walley-Beckett and Gordon Smith talk about their take on the AMC series’ fifth season. Spoilers contained herein!

Recorded September 5, 2012.


  1. toonsmyth says:

    Cheez, I was really excited to listen to this one, but the audio levels are just too annoying to endure.

  2. sean1966 says:

    Great episode, but I thought I’d cornered the international market on the term ‘douche canoe’.

  3. Pras says:

    Too many MCs not enough mics?

  4. Kevin Riegle says:

    It isn’t a problem past the first few minutes. The vast majority of it is great. The panel itself is fascinating too.

  5. SweZomJee says:

    Sadly dissapointing. Too many people, not enough microphones.

  6. Kevin Riegle says:

    Audio levels are pretty wonky. At least in the beginning. Presumably because some of the writers were not in the room. Not sure if this is fixable, and it’s not a dealbreaker, but thought I should bring it to your attention.