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Episode 36: Nerdist Writers Panel
Bill Lawrence, Ken Levine & …
Nerdist Writers PanelNerdist Writers Panel

Nerdist Writers Panel #36: Bill Lawrence, Ken Levine & Richard Hatem

Bill Lawrence (creator, Scrubs and Cougar Town); Ken Levine (MASH; Cheers; Wings; Fraser; The Simpsons); Richard Hatem (Grimm; Secret Circle). Recorded March 25, 2012.


  1. Ry-man says:

    Bill wasn’t kidding when he said that they would let spectators come in and check out the old Sacred Heart building. I visited L.A. in the summer of ’08 and one of the PAs gave me a tour. It was awesome. They were the nicest people.

  2. Rob says:

    Obviously recorded at the Nerdmelt theater. That’s the Doctor Who theme song at 37:40!

  3. Brett McCabe says:

    Fuck. I legit thought that Ken Levine was going to be the creator of Bioshock.

  4. Todd Mason says:

    For those looking into scriptwriting in the 1970s, before JMS’s book, might’ve looked to Harlan Ellison’s essay “With the Eyes of a Demon” in R. Bretnor’s anthology THE CRAFT OF SCIENCE FICTION, if they didn’t actually just pick up his script for an episode of THE STOREFRONT LAWYERS in THE OTHER GLASS TEAT. And, of course, there were a few other models kicking around in book form…I forget if there was much on format in ONLY YOU, DICK DARING, for example…