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Nerdist Writer’s Panel #14: Glen Mazzara, David Slack & Norm Hiscock

Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead); David Slack (Person of Interest); Norm Hiscock (Parks and Recreation). Recorded July 17, 2011.


  1. Sarah says:

    Kind of fascinating listening to Glen Mazarra talk about The Walking Dead here – this would have been like a week before Darabont was fired and he wound up the showrunner. Have to wonder if he had any idea of the impending changes or not!

  2. Cletus McFirsties says:

    I would watch “Space Hotel” if they produced it. It could star Ben Blocker as a blaster wielding concierge with universal insite. TAGLINE “There’s always a vacancy in space”

  3. Remster says:

    Another great panel, as usual. Horray!