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Nerdist Writers Panel #116: Welcome to Night Vale
Episode 116: Nerdist Writers Panel
Welcome to Night Vale
Nerdist Writers PanelNerdist Writers Panel

Nerdist Writers Panel #116: Welcome to Night Vale

Recorded at New York Comic Con, it’s a look behind the curtain of the mega-popular podcast, Welcome to Night Vale, with creator Joseph Fink, co-writer Jeffrey Cranor, voice of Night Vale radio Cecil Baldwin, and guest star Mara Wilson.

Plus: Correspondent Liz Hara interviews master puppet builder Rollie Krewson at the Sesame Street workshop. And, a HostGator ad!


  1. Antonia says:

    This podcast is immediately followed by the radio quiz show “Wait! Wait! Don’t! Don’t, no, wait!”

    I love the romantic comments that Cecil makes about Carlos.

  2. Marta says:

    Love Night Vale! Thanks for putting this together.

    Do not approach the dog park.

  3. Ashley says:

    Welcome to Nightvale is AMAZING. My friends and I love it and basically all follow it closely, and those who don’t follow it closely know what we mean when we yell “ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY GLOW CLOUD”. Nightvale makes my month. I eagerly await each new episode and spend days after going on about the unique exploits in Nightvale and especially squealing about Cecil and Carlos or any other pairing that happens. We embrace Nightvale. I suggest listening to it. The plot is amazing and funny yet dark and listening to Cecil Baldwin narrate is great with his amazing voice. Welcome to Nightvale.

  4. Laura says:

    Dalton, you can check it out at

  5. Dalton says:

    Where can i check out, Welcome To Night Vale?