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Nerdist Presents BOOKER CATCH – A Bioshock Infinite Short

Not everyone is an NFL wide receiver, a small bit of information Elizabeth often forgot while she and Booker Dewitt battled through the callous streets of Columbia in Bioshock Infinite. Her assistance, while greatly appreciated, might have seemed either excessive to some or given at the most inopportune times. For instance, in the middle of a heated confrontation with Motorized Patriots. Luckily Booker was able to haul in anything and everything Elizabeth had to chuck at him during Bioshock Infinite’s primary storyline, but meanwhile, in an alternate reality, Booker isn’t having the grandest of times with her uncontrollable obsession with making him catch things.

Chris Hardwick (as Booker) and Chloe Dykstra (as Elizabeth) have taken the task of properly depicting how such a situation would pan out in a short by our friends at Sneaky Zebra that would have made a hilarious alternate ending to the game (nudge nudge Ken Levine). Find out what would really happen if Booker Dewitt stopped fighting and started catching. Oh yeah, and apologies in advance to anyone with a sandwich craving after the viewing of this video.

And see how the video was made in a behind the scenes video from Sneaky Zebra.

Read our interview with the Sneaky Zebra team by clicking here!

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