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Nerdist Premiere: Saint Pepsi – ‘Fall Harder’ (Ricky Eat Acid Remix)

Nerdist Premiere: Saint Pepsi – ‘Fall Harder’ (Ricky Eat Acid Remix)

(Image By Daniel Dorsa)

Yes! We are big big fans of Saint Pepsi and Ricky Eat Acid, both of whom are Music Geek Track of the Day alums, so we are understandably excited that both producers’ names are attached to the above track.

Saint Pepsi’s original “Fall Harder” sounds like a natural fit among the other 80s gems that found their way onto the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City soundtrack, while Ricky Eat Acid’s remix (as always) finds the most urgent element of the song–the vocals in this case–and makes it the centerpiece of whirling, speckled electronics that tip-toe toward an understated climax.

The little three second break down at the two minute mark is my favorite part of the whole track. I love how hyper the percussion becomes for about a three seconds, like its trying to keep pace with Saint Pepsi’s pitch-shifted vocals as he sings “It chills me to the bone / but you might be the sweetest thing I’ve ever known.” The mental image I have in my head is how the stars becomes lines in Star Wars when the Millennium Falcon engages in hyperdrive. Come to think of it, “I’d rather be with you then be alone” is a nice sentiment to think about while looking at this Han-Chewy picture.