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Episode 312: Nerdist Podcast
YouTube Titans!
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: YouTube Titans!

It’s a special episode with some titans of YouTube! Grace Helbig, Harley Morenstein, and Hannah Hart sit down with Chris to talk new media, content creation, and vagina jokes!

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  • @Curtis Yeah I’m a year older than Chloe and I got it as well. But it’s less age and more just what you listened to as a kid. I remember specifically never listening to current music because my mom didn’t like it. Like I knew Phil Collins and The Eagles better than anything that was new in the 90s. Until boy bands. Because hormones happened.

  • I remember Grace’s first time on AOTS doing The Feed, and how funny she was even though the segment went hilariously wrong. Every so often I’ll lose hours catching up on Daily Grace. Good luck in L.A.!

    Listening to Hanna’s breathy Japanese? *shiver* 私は 恋をして んだよ!

    Old school emoticons with ALT characters, suckafools! ♥ ☺ ☻ π

    Let’s see how much of this posts as I entered it.

  • @Chris: EASY. It’s one episode. I can’t have 50 people on it. I’ll do more with other Tubers I PROMISE. Roosterteeth bowling with Freddie W and Barely Political is coming soon…

  • Aaaaa! My worlds are colliding! My favorite YouTube People on my favorite podcast!! I can’t wait for the next long LA drive – I have to go listen to this one NOW. I’ve met all these people either at Vidcon, or at the IAWTV awards party. They’re all awesome – Hopes = high.

    PS, remember me, guys?? Professor Puppet?

  • Great Podcast! Felt Like A Hostfull (thats a good thing!). I love that this podcast can be full of vagina jokes on episode and then the next one is talking about serious stuff like depression our struggling as a artist to break out of a funk.

  • Aaaannnd now that I listened to the whole episode: AWESOME. Such a great conversation. Now Chris has to have ALL THE YOUTUBERS ON! I vote for John and Hank Green next. (Except they are never on the west coast… so Rhett and Link until the Vlogbrothers are in CA for VidCon!)

    DFTBA Chris – this was a great podcast.

  • These guys are so fucking cool. Great episode.

    Another YouTube titan, Shay Carl, would be great to have on the podcast. He has that same laid back attitude, very friendly and I think him and Chris could really hit it off. He has such an immensely inspiring story (having kids, getting out of debt, losing 100 lbs). I could listen to a 5 hour podcast of his story. Make it happen Chris!

  • The insights you and your guests expressed today about what makes good content on the Web is brilliant. I genuinely mean that. I think, though, that this period in Web time is still the pre-teen years, and that tastes and the demands of the web consumers are going to evolve quickly. Also, I think that once the popularity of online content reaches a critical mass, that it’s going to start attracting folks like the censorites, the copyrites, an the crapolites. So, bottom line is that we should all enjoy this Kumbaya moment before the shit hits the turbofan.

  • All this talk about Huge Internet Entertainment shows, how they are or arn’t capable of making money, whether or not its on Youtube or its own platform – it all made me think of –
    They were SOOOOO Huge!!!
    No ads
    Their Platform
    Their own Merch
    Cult Following – bigger than Scientology I think hmmm?
    -Now Homestarrunner and its universe is like a knowing nod, inside jokes of an older generation – sigh

    …the intro with Chris and Chloe was adorable – I want to hear an hour of that.

  • I was SO EXCITED to see a YouTube themed episode, and SO DISAPPOINTED that there was not one mention of the recent changes in revenue sharing. I would think that it would be a major topic of discussion that all these professional YT producers just had their income cut by 60%! ANY opinions on that?

  • This podcast was such a delight. I wasn’t familiar with anyone except Grace (a little bit), and I love coming across incredible people I’ve never heard of. Thanks Nerdist, and YouTube, and internet, and kitchen booze, and…

  • This was awesome, Chris!

    I found your podcast from Hannah Hart’s tweet about being on the show. Definitely going to start listening to more of your podcasts!

    Would love to see more Youtubers on the show. Some suggestions: the Vlog Brothers, ASAP Science, Minute Physics, VSauce, etc.


  • And I hear Chris referring to Clapton, which makes me furrow my brow, saying “Chris–it’s a JJ Cale tune from ’66…” Another age leap. Speaking of which, will you children please stop using “singular”(unique or distinctive) when you mean “single”? Now, get off my lawn.

  • @ChrisHardwick – No, seriously… I am interested to know the effect that the revenue change will have on MAJOR producers like yourself and what you think of it. Will you try to increase the number of uploads? Will it effect the quality of your productions? I am certainly not a YouTube “Titan,” but I was making a pretty hefty check before this year, and I am going to have to DOUBLE my efforts just to regain a fraction of my income. If things get any LOWER, then I may just have to shut it down entirely and get a REAL job! BOM bom BOMMMM!

  • Good discussion about new media. However, the story where they bragged about waking up their hotel neighbors with a loud party and then calling the hotel security guard unfuckable – kinda shitty. A bit more empathy would do them some good.

  • 1) I can see how Chloe missed the reference. It was an obscure line in the song. I know it was in the context of what they were talking about. But in the heat of recording it is easy to miss obvious things.

    2) Why is the sexual status of Taylor Swift even a thing? So who cares if she does or doesn’t have intimate relations? I know you guys were riffing. It’s bothersome to me. BTW: I realize it was a joke.

    3) Overall it was a fantastic episode. It really inspires me to keep on keeping on so to speak. The trick is to keep putting stuff out there while learning and growing from the experience. It is also important to remain open to whatever possibilities grow from the experience. It’s really important not to focus in on numbers. It’s really hard not to use that as a metric of success. Long term staying power is about building a community of awesome consumers of your goods. I speak more as a consumer of awesome content and a bit about the creator of stuff. (I hope that didn’t come across in a know it all kind of way….it’s suppose to be a motivational thing….)

    Appropriate random quote:
    “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” The Fountainhead

  • This is pretty much my dream episode!!! My two favorite entertainers (Chris and Grace) together!!! I also adore Hannah. Too bad it wasn’t Mamrie as well, I think it would’ve been out of control. YAY NERDIST! YAY HARTOSEXUALS! YAY DAILYGRACISTS!

  • “Oh my god you guys, I can’t believe we got so druuunk, lol! Like wow we were so silly. I’m such a silly drunk!”

    “Girlfriend you straight up made a fool of yourself but whatever baby I LUV PATRON!”

    “Oh man you bitches are CUH-RAZZZY when you get crunkkkk. Fuckin’a man, I”M A DRUNK OGRE!”

    Why are there a gang of obnoxious idiots in their late 20’s acting like they just got to college on the NERDist podcast? This shit was horrible.

  • ^ Guys, who let the angry, senile relic out of their nursing home?

    Clearly you don’t watch their content and have no idea what you’re talking about. You sound bitter that they are young and enjoying themselves making a living by doing what they love.

    Now go and take your afternoon nap.

  • Hey. I had never heard of you guys until someone made me aware of the fact that you mentioned my ridiculous subreddit, /r/prettygirlsuglyfaces, on your podcast. This podcast was definitely worth the listen to. A good first episode to get me hooked, especially with Hannah Hart as a guest.

    Thanks, Nerdist Podcast!

  • I wasn’t a fan of the drunken jerks story either, but it was good-natured enough and kept short, so whatever.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the episode and thought the discussion of “personas” was interesting, particularly the idea that Harley “douches it up” for EMT. Personally, that’s the exact reason that I don’t enjoy their videos, and I guess I don’t really understand the idea behind that supposedly being more appealing, unless they’re targeting “bros” who are going to identify with that. But maybe it’s just me; I also don’t like comedians who have jerky/aggressive stage personas even if I know they’re nice guys in other platforms and real life.

  • I know a lot of people have submitted Youtube faves but Alex Day’s channel, “nerimon,” is amazing! Also, I definitely would enjoy the VlogBrothers as future guests. Thank you for all you do though! The episodes are wonderful! :)

  • Several other people have already suggested the Vlog Brothers, but Hank is in Montana and John is in Indiana. I guess the best time to get them would be during VidCon since they created it. Nerdist + Nerdfighteria

  • @JetpackBlues – YOU SPEAK EMOTICON!!! BTW, am writing this February 3rd and am eager to hear more deets of you SF Sketchfest trip! Oh, and I’ll always remember Grace’s first appearance on AOTS as well (remember Plant Guy?).

    @toonsmyth – YIKES! A 60% cut would hurt anyone, but especially anyone whose lone job was making content for YouTube. I hope you weather the changes okay.

    @Harp McHarpman – “Wasting away again in Free-Content-a-ville…searching for entertainment just for me…some people think that there’s a woooooooomaaaaan to blame, but I know it’s my own damn fault.”

    @Chris Hardwick – Since we’re putting in requests for YouTube stars to come on the podcast, I’ll nominate SciShow host Hank Green. I didn’t know he was a “Vlogbrother” until a few minutes ago (thanks, Wikipedia! ) but I love his science program and would love to learn more about the man himself. Now THERE is someone who has benefitted from the internet! Dude lives in farking Montana, about as far from the media hubs of L.A. and NYC as a person can get in the continental US and he’s still made a nice niche for himself on the web.

  • You should try and get Phillip Defranco and maybe some of his crew on a podcast. I think he’s a lot like you at least on the business side of things.